Case Study turbo-charging the leaders

Gumball Enterprises delivered a customized leadership development program to build trust and camaraderie among the client's executive team, while addressing real business challenges.

The Situation 

One common trait many of our clients have in common is their role as disrupters in their own industry. Our client was rapidly scaling and recently acquired, while disrupting one of the world's largest industries. They had also recently hired a Chief People Officer, which did not previously exist in their firm. With the new executive team addition and accelerated growth, they reached out to Gumball Enterprieses (Gumball) to assist them in building team unity, clarity, and trust.  They hoped to better align with, and articulate, their strategic plan, define who they are as a team, and collectively execute on plan over the course of the next five years. 


The Solution 

Gumball recommended and implemented our six phase, customized leadership development program. This particular program included Gumball designing a two-day off-site program for the leadership team. We designed the program to fill the gaps based on our findings about the current state of the executive team and the company. The program would ensure an improved level of camaraderie among the executive team and facilitate conversations to produce tangible takeaways that would influence the company's five-year strategic plan.

On day one of the off-site, Gumball focused on strategic facilitation among the executive team to break down barriers and build team trust. Together we were able to develop team norms, values, and strengths.

On day two, we focused on facilitating open and vulnerable conversations about the company’s future and how to maintain the company's current momentum. In order to keep the conversations running smoothing and efficiently, Gumball leveraged previously agreed on team norms, values, and strengths.  


The Impact

In order to measure our success, we asked the executive team participants the same set of evaluation questions before the off-sites and after each off-site day. The questions were answered on a one to five scale, five being high and desirable. We saw an overall increase to the scored average in each question asked, revealing the program had been a success. Visit our coaching page and learn how your organization can benefit from our customized leadership development program or contact us below for a free consultation!

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