Team Diversity it's the right thing to do, AND it's smart business.

Statistically, diversity proves more enjoyable, effective, innovative and positively impactful to the bottom line. Check out the facts here

Sure it takes awareness and commitment to form an intentionally diverse team, but with leadership comes grave responsibility, and therefore it's our priority.  So at Gumball we do our best to incorporate DEI into our DNA, starting with the team. 

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As for our expertise....our client leaders have a high bar, so GBE is diligent about assuring our service providers meet the gold standard. The following criteria is set for each Gumball coach, trusted advisor, and facilitator; which helps guarantee an excellent development experience:

  • Certified as a leadership coach through an accredited program or advanced degree in coaching and consulting in organizations

  • Has coached executive level leaders for a minimum of 5 years

  • Has personally held leadership roles, outside of their own business, at the senior level or above

  • Has a strong business acumen and breadth of organizational knowledge

  • Excellent soft skills – Authentic, High EQ, good listening skills, ability to challenge

  • Strong executive presence and confident with presentations and communication at the executive level

  • Maintains ethical boundaries (see ICF Ethical Standards)

  • Comes with his/her own methodology and models and is quickly able to adapt to institutional methodologies and models used within the client system

Founders and Staff

Ann Michael Dorgan Profil Picture

Ann Michael Dorgan


Raphael Seifner


Alex Smith

Digital Com. Manager

Advisory Board

Manish Gaudi


Lisa Hufford

Simplicity CEO

Mindy Creary

Creative Money

Micah Samuels

Nordstrom IT

Patti Solaski

Amazon D&I

Mariko Lockhart

Seattle Dir of Civil Rights


Aiko Bethea

Consultant/ Coach

Tracey Lovejoy

Coach/ Facilitator

Chris Schmitt

Coach/ Facilitator

Sarah Osteen

Coach/ Facilitator

Joeseph Pauley

Team Facilitator

Jim Boneau

Lead ID/ Master Facilitator

Marcia Teixeira


Clarissa Cullers


Mitch Shepard


Brenda Bluemke


Eben Greene

Communications Strategist

Letetia Liggins

Instructional Design

Anh Vo


Paul Hebron


Pam Rechel


Lisa Edwards

Business Analyst

Federico Vecchiarelli

Coach, Italy

Fabian Immink

Coach, Switzerland

David L. Rickabaugh


Yoko Moriyama




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