Seek Diversity, Create Equity, Practice Inclusion℠ doing dei.

It’s necessary to change behavior if you want to change culture. Through coaching and facilitating the Necessary Conversations™ related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), people are more equipped to ‘Seek Diversity, Create Equity and Practice Inclusion™’.

We integrate consulting, coaching and facilitation expertise into customized DEI programs for billion dollar global companies. Executives from the top are committed to changing their cultures while a DEI Council and local standing committees build and implement their DEI portfolio.

What Differentiates Our DEI Approach from Others?

The DEI Framework

Traditional DEI Frameworks tend to be ‘class’ based, which targets quotas and discount the complexity of intersectionality, which ends up contradicting its own efforts toward inclusion. Our DEI Framework focuses on a scalable, behavioral change method that, regardless of global location, equips leaders to ‘Seek Diversity, Create Equity and Practice Inclusion™’. Knowing HOW to DO these three things will eliminate the need to target and measure ‘classes of people’ and will enable leaders to shift mindsets, policies and practices.

Our strategic advisors consult with executives to build the global DEI infrastructure necessary for creating and implementing a centralized portfolio with both a centralized enterprise-wide strategy and decentralized local execution plans.

In addition to establishing a governance, infrastructure, and comprehensive DEI portfolio addressing workflow processes, building leadership and employee EQ capabilities is essential. Gumball co-designs a customized learning experience based on behavioral science practices.

Though each program is unique to the customer and their given environments, the intended outcomes are the same; your company will be equipped to more effectively, Seek Diversity, Create Equity and Practice Inclusion™ at all levels throughout the organization.

Measurable and Sustainable DEI Programs

Measuring behavior used to be something complex in the field of behavioral science or emotional intelligence. Now there are scientific methods that allow us to assess behavioral change and impact. With our DEI initiatives we measure the impact on a company’s people, culture, and brand by the following means:

a. Establishment of executive DEI framework and governance

b. Establishment of a DEI portfolio

c. Executive and participant satisfaction survey

d. Application of skills applied in the workplace

e. Shift in mindset

f. Correlation between DEI Development Program and other DEI portfolio activities

3 Imperatives for DEI Initiatives |

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