The Verdict Is In coaching works


Google's Research says that being a good coach is the #1 quality of a great Manager. A Drake University study on Nortel Networks found a 5.2x return on their coaching programs.  Even Bill Gates says everyone needs a coach 

Gumball can coach you to become a great leader & to become a great coach.

Triumvirate Coaching

The most stable shape in nature is a triangle and businesses are a force of nature.  Gumball has trademarked TriumvirateCoaching and believes this unique method of coaching in triads is the wave of the future. It's faster, cheaper, and exponentially more effective than individual executive coaching.  

Most companies start with a great product and some investment (cash), but a company can’t scale without PEOPLE, STRATEGY and CASH (products evolve and change over time). So we start with this most important triumvirate within an organization (CFO, CEO and CHRO) and coach them ALL together.

Then we assist in helping the formation of essential triumvirates throughout the organization and coach according to the importance and urgency of the company’s business initiatives. Start with your CEO/CFO/CHRO; we guarantee doubling the return on your coaching investment or your money back.

Business Coaching

Leaders choose coaching as a proactive component to their professional life, one that helps them and their organizations achieve a higher level of performance. 

Business Coaching addresses what a leader does for the business and who the leader wants to become as a person.  

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Association Resource Centre Inc. continue to conduct annual assessments on the impact of coaching. Their studies in larger organizations show stock portfolios comprised only of companies that spend aggressively on employee development each out performed the S&P 500 by 17% to 35%. Need we say more?

On Demand Coaching

No time for long sessions but you still want the benefits of great coaching? Then call your coach on-demand! 

Gumball is the first to provide coaching by the minute.  Buy a monthly subscription card and call your Gumball coach on-demand any time during business hours.

Building Coaching Cultures

Research points to coaching as the #1 key to great management. Gumball has credentialed mentor coaches who provide organizations with a start-to-finish 'how to' guide for build a coaching culture within your organization. The result? Leaders and managers who know how to coach for higher performance!   

“I always talk with you about the things I'm most uncomfortable with. "

- Tim Gleason, Staff Software Engineer

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