Ignite Social Progress: ICF Foundation Podcast with Ann Dorgan

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In their regular podcast, The German chapter of the ICF Foundation presents national and international topics and people who move and standardize the topic of coaching.

As a board member and her role of Treasurer at the ICF Foundation, our CEO, Ann Dorgan, recently had the honor to be interviewed by  Anne Schweppenhäußer. Together with Amy Friskney, Director of Marketing and Outreach at ICF Foundation, they talk about what coaching can do to impact society positively.

Topics covered:

  • What is the ICF Foundation
  • How is the ICF Foundation different from the ICF?
  • What is the Ignite Initiative?
  • What role does coaching play to ignite social progress?
  • How can you measure the success of pro-bono work?


What Coaching Can Do to Impact Society Positively

Watch the full podcast here or open it in any service provider for on the go by clicking on the link.


More About the ICF Foundation

The ICF Foundation works to make a positive impact on the world through coaching. We aspire to give back to our communities. The Foundation was established in 2004 by passionate coaches to exclusively support education, research, and charitable purposes. While a separate nonprofit entity from the International Coach Federation, the ICF Foundation is bonded in partnership with ICF Global. As a Foundation, they aspire to nurture the innate desire in coaches to give back to their communities.

The ICF Foundation’s Ignite initiative is exposing more educational leaders to coaching with impacts that can have a ripple effect throughout organizations. There are currently 55 partner organizations connected with 35 ICF Chapters spanning the globe.


More About Gumball Enterprises' Relationship with the ICF Foundation

We believe it's possible to simultaneously do good, have fun, AND prosper.  When we put these values into action, our passion comes alive and as a result, people want to be a part of the action. That's culture.

We also believe that doing good goes beyond our 4 walls.  We do our best to contribute and here's how: Citizenship