Holiday Wishes From Gumball Enterprises

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Gumball Enterprises Holiday Wishes

Dear ones,, my husband Rob summed it up nicely. 2020 represents a clear vision, given the last year we see more clearly now. In many ways, the underbelly of our nation, ourselves, and the world has been exposed. We have more insight into what works and what doesn't in our society.

With this clearer vision comes incredible responsibility. How will we lead through this new global awareness? What is required to build a different infrastructure?

It seems this year leaves me with more questions than answers. However, as a coach, I'm reminded that innovation lives within the powerful questions and our interest in answering the difficult questions will guide us all to a brighter place.

During this holiday season, it's important to remember, regardless of the Media and fraction groups' efforts to divide us as a people, we are more aligned than not. There are plenty of indicators showing us that over 90% of Americans agree we should be Americans first and partisans second, the majority of ALL Americans are concerned with the same issues, including Black Lives Matter, wearing masks, climate change, and yes, even aspects of gun control.

The beautiful thing about our country is that we have a choice; a choice to choose unity over division, a choice to turn off the news if it disturbs our equilibrium.

So as we head into the New Year, may we, together, embrace the powerful questions 2020 has so generously challenged us with, and may we stand firm with the truth, that we all have more in common than not.

Happy Holidays and looking forward to reconnecting in the New Year!

Ann & Everyone at Gumball Enterprises