Gumball Statement on the Coronavirus | CEO Letter

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Dear ones, 

May you connect with friends and nature more now than ever during this unprecedented time, a time when technology, climate and humanity intersect on a global level, calling us all to attention, together. 

Though many small businesses are impacted negatively and must adapt quickly to a digital office, GBE  has fortunately always been an online service using remote technologies and will gratefully continue business as usual. 

Because of our health we must turn to the question, “How can we be there for those less fortunate?”  For a coach’s primary job is to bring tranquility and equilibrium to leaders, and it’s a leader’s job to do the same for the otherwise unstable world around them.

So together please join us in the following practice:

*Stay optimistic

*Focus on what you do best

*Be charitable

For the months of April and May, Gumball will be providing pro-bono coaching to small businesses and business leaders in need. If you know of any person, or business, who is in critical need of coaching guidance, and can’t afford to pay for coaching, please contact [email protected]


We thank all of you for your continued solidarity and good works.

 To your health and wellness,

 Your Gumball Team